Live up to your own standards, not ours. Live life your way, relax and enjoy everything we have to offer. Remember, it’s your life—you’re in charge.

Live independently with conveniences you can enjoy at your own leisure:

Resort-style dining. Enjoy lunch made to order at our bistro, a multi-course dinner in our dining room, take-out or delivery from our kitchen, or a family meal you cook yourself.  

Large and small events. From music and arts to trips, creative classes, and everything in between. We offer diverse activities so there’s something for every taste. We are a Mohawk Valley Adult Learning Center, with classes for every interest.

Fitness and wellness programs, including yoga, tai chi, a walking group, Zumba, weekly massages and more.

Social activities daily. Join in our happy hours, lecture series, or card games. Great ways to meet friends.

A quiet neighborhood of like-minded individuals. Your neighbors are some of our area’s most active and vital residents. They’re engaged in the community, attending social events and cultural activities.

Beautiful property close to the area’s shopping, culture and more. Stroll on our groomed walking paths or sit outside in a quiet, safe environment, only minutes from everything you need.