We know…it almost sounds too good to be true, right? Well if you don’t believe us, then just look at what our current residents have to say about living at Preswick Glen! 



Another Reason Why I Love Living Here!!!

            A few days ago, I had just completed my few morning chores that I do. So I sat in my chair to view the news of the day…just then a wave of loneliness swept over me. I thought to myself, “keep moving, be active” so I immediately put my little dog on the seat of my walker and walked him to the Main Desk. First I ran into fellow residents Jean and Tom, we greeted one another and chatted a bit. Then I stopped at Janet’s office and quietly stepped inside, took two Hershey’s Kisses from the jar, saying “you didn’t see me.” Janet in her kind manner said, “that’s what they are there for” then she came out and pet my dog, Bailey. Next, I met Angela and Bailey’s tail wagged so hard. She really knows how to pet a dog… with a little scratch included!! Just a few steps more and I was at the Desk, Monica and Sarah came to pet the dog, my loneliness passed so quickly and I was back to my happy self in no time at all. Preswick has such a variety of wonderful personalities and I enjoy all the varieties; I truly enjoy “people.” I am interested in each one of them, their personalities are all so unique and intriguing, with each one we had a laugh or two. My day was truly fulfilled, thanks to all I met on my walk to the Main Desk.

- Carolyn B.




P. . . . . .      is for People with a variety of backgrounds & vicinities, with a mutual desire to enjoy their mature years

R. . . . . .      is for Respect shown by and for all residents and staff

E. . . . . .      is for Events, amusing, educations & healthful, enjoyed by all

S. . . . . .      is for Services most efficiently given by our dining staff

W. . . . . .     is for our Workers and staff, most capable, friendly & professional

I. . . . . . .     is for Inviting – both our attractive & spacious apartments & cottages

C. . . . . . is for Companionships one forms daily and enjoys for a lifetime

K. . . . . . is for Kindness in words & deeds shown by our personable staff & residents


G. . . . . . is for Grateful & thankful that we chose to reside here

L. . . . . . is for Likeable – everyone & everything

E. . . . . . is for Entertainment – it’s often & varied

N. . . . . . is for Numerous – the reasons one should choose to reside & enjoy life at Wonderful Preswick Glen


- Composed on a very snowy day by Theo L.