COVID-19 Vaccinations Secured For Residents

Staff worked around the clock to make it possible.

Our team here at Preswick Glen was well aware of the difficulties and frustrations the general public had faced in getting COVID-19 vaccines. This was especially true for seniors everywhere. 

Executive Director, Gary Holeck, stated, “Not everyone has a younger, computer-savvy relative to help them out booking appointments online, especially on overloaded, crashing websites. Therefore, I decided we needed to do something for our residents, for their individual safety and the safety of our community as a whole.” 

That’s when the Preswick team decided to take matters into their own hands. Safely coordinating everything over the phone, staff let residents know exactly what pieces of detailed information they needed to gather about themselves. Then, going in alphabetical order, the Preswick Glen team sat at their computers and called each resident one-by-one, submitting all necessary information into each step of the online sign-up process.

As appointments became officially solidified, Gary made sure Preswick Glen’s residents all had transportation to receive their vaccination.

Our staff worked tirelessly around the clock to procure approximately 125 vaccinations, in just under 2 days! They even made sure that couples received appointments at the same time.

“At the time, I was worried about how I, and others, were going to get our vaccines,” said one resident. He continued, “but then all of a sudden they did it for us lickity-split. One day we were worried and the next we had appointments. It was amazing and I’m very thankful.” Family members of those who live in the community also expressed their appreciation for what the staff did to protect their loved ones. “I tried and tried to schedule an appointment but the websites crashed and were hard to navigate,” said the daughter of a resident. “Whatever the staff did, they did it right. My whole family is so relieved.”

We’re proud of every single staff member who continues, day in and day out, to help our residents live the life they deserve.